welcome, you white collar

Are you an employer for white collars, willing to cut your company’s sick leave costs? Or are you a hotel manager, or for example a co-working space provider, willing to perfection your customer experience? Either way, well done; you’ve come to the right place.

Whitecollar.yoga is approachable, no-nonsense yoga for modern employees and customers. Our business proposal is simple: weekly yoga class in your company’s premises. The easiest ROI you can imagine.


Whitecollar.yoga is a trusted partner of VALO Hotel & Work. The collaboration started by VALO wanting to offer a holistic well-being experience for their hotel guests with gentle morning yoga on weekends throughout the summer of 2023. After great success, VALO nowadays also provides Whitecollar.yoga classes for their other customers, such as business meeting and bachelor party groups.


Whitecollar.yoga was founded in 2022 out of need: with intense and often less ergonomic hybrid work and various other daily responsibilities and chores, Lotta struggled to find time to maintain a regular yoga practice, and started to again suffer from chronic pains in her neck, back and hips. When going on vacations she used to choose her hotels based on their yoga offering, and realized that it was not only the time off, but the regular yoga practice that helped her recover and feel well fast. During such a vacation the idea came to her: if it’s so hard to go to the yoga studio or practice at home, why not to bring it to where you work, and where you take time off? Concept for office & hotel yoga was born.

As of today, Lotta is a white collar worker by day and a white collar yogi by night (and morning). She has a Master’s degree in economics and is a certified Yoga Teacher (RYT200) and a certified Mobility Coach. Lotta loves to teach: seeing people overcome stress and exiting her class with loosen shoulders and a relaxed smile is what brings her most joy.


lotta [at] whitecollar.yoga
+358 50 434 5448

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